Legal noticies / Fee schedule


This site is intended to provide information to both clients of Groupe Mobilis as well as to non-clients, hereinafter referred to as 'Internet Users'. This site is subject to French law. The Internet User acknowledges that he/she is aware of the stipulations contained in this charter and undertakes to observe them.
Attention is drawn to the fact that the secrecy of any communication on the Internet network is not guaranteed and each Internet User is responsible for taking all appropriate measures in order to protect his/her data and/or software.

Price Scale

Access to this site is free of charge, except for Internet Providers and except for telephone call charges, these being invoiced directly by the operators.
Please contact the webmaster of the site under the heading contact should you require any clarification.
Data Processing and Freedom of Information
The information and personal data obtained by Internet Users on the Site of the agencies of the Groupe Mobilis and collected by Groupe Mobilis in its capacity as Data Processing Agent shall be used and be the object of communications sent to the recipients mentioned below and be declared to the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) - French Authority for data regulation, collection and storage - for the following purposes only: 
management of requests for information, 
business canvassing, 
management of subscriptions to the newsletter
email alerts

All data shall be sent to the following recipients:
Groupe Mobilis Agencies, for business canvassing purposes, carried out by real estate consultants from these Agencies: a list of Agencies on the recipients' mailing list will be sent to you immediately upon request. 
Unless stipulated to the contrary by the person to whom such information refers, Groupe Mobilis shall be able to process the said information (in particular by means of electronic mail, telephone.) for its sole benefit or on behalf of its business partners within the framework of business operations.
This information may give rise to the exercise of the right of access, communication, opposition and rectification in accordance with the conditions provided for under Law N°78-17 passed on 6 January 1978 concerning data processing, files and freedom of information(*). In the event of opposition to the use of the data for the purpose of business canvassing using postal services, all franking charges shall be reimbursed upon request.
The Internet User may refuse to receive any business requests made with a view to presenting products and services of Groupe Mobilis or those proposed by the Agencies of Groupe Mobilis and accordingly shall indicate that he/she does not wish to receive such requests at the time the data is collected by ticking the appropriate space or by subsequently contacting the webmaster. It is understood that the refusal to receive requests applies both to Groupe Mobilis.
(*) To exercise this right, kindly contact: Alexandre Moisset / Groupe Mobilis/ 26, rue Marbeuf / 75008 Paris.

Request for Information

As regards property advertisements: the request shall be processed by the property sales outlet responsible for transferring the advertisement onto the site ; 
Requests not relating to property advertisements (e.g.: Sections: 'Partners', 'Press'): the request shall be processed by Groupe Mobilis, 26 rue Marbeuf, 75008 Paris.

Use of Cookies

Internet Users of this are advised that when they access this site, information may be temporarily retained in a memory or on hard disk in order to facilitate navigation on the said site and also to allow possible use of the personal area. The Internet Users of this Site acknowledge that they have been duly notified of this practice and hereby authorise Groupe Mobilis to implement it as described. Moreover, Internet Users remain entitled to refuse to register cookies by using the respective functions provided for that purpose on their browser. However, Groupe Mobilis hereby points out to Internet Users that in such a case, access to certain services may be modified or even rendered impossible.


The site shall be viewed as a complete functionally indissociable unit. The information it contains is held solely for personal use and may not be reproduced in part or in full, nor transferred. The data as a whole (texts, sounds or images) contained on the pages of this site are solely owned by Groupe Mobilis or its partners. Any reproduction, representation or circulation, for purposes other than those that are strictly personal in nature, concerning all or part of the content of this site using any means or by any system whatsoever, is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this restriction shall be viewed as an infringement likely to bring into play the civil and penal liability of the infringing party. Unless Groupe Mobilis has provided prior written consent, the use or reproduction of the name Groupe Mobilis and/or its logo, for any reason whatsoever, whether on its own or together with other terms, is strictly prohibited and in particular for advertising purposes.

Information about our Partners

Although Groupe Mobilis undertakes to make every reasonable effort to obtain information from sources it considers are reliable, it does not claim that all of the information circulated on the Groupe Mobilis site is accurate, reliable, complete and up-to-date. The Groupe Mobilis estate agencies provide the property advertisements. This transfer of advertisements is computerised and automated. Therefore, the advertisements are not monitored before publication and although Groupe Mobilis undertakes to make every reasonable effort to ensure quality control of its advertisements, under no circumstances shall it be held liable for any advertisements having content that is allegedly held in particular to be contrary to accepted standards of good behaviour, public order and to the provisions concerning the right to work and/or that is allegedly discriminatory in nature, particularly in sexual, racial or religious respects. Moreover these advertisements are strictly provided for information purposes and personal use only. They may be modified or removed without prior notice.
As a result, Groupe Mobilis refuses to accept any responsibility, whether express or tacit in nature, concerning the accuracy, exhaustiveness or time limits for the upgrading of these advertisements and other content.
Under no circumstances shall the downloading or copying of software or information on the Groupe Mobilis site entitle you to hold rights to such material. Unless Groupe Mobilis issues prior written authorisation, you shall neither reproduce (in full or in part) nor send (electronically or by any other means) nor modify, nor use the Groupe Mobilis site for public or business purposes, nor create any links to the latter. The data circulated on the Groupe Mobilis site are the sole property of their respective owners. 
For his/her part, the Internet User undertakes: 
not to illicitly use the services of Groupe Mobilis or personal data to which he/she may have access ; 
not to propose the products and services mentioned on the Site of Groupe Mobilis, with a view to thereby directly or indirectly obtaining remuneration ; 
not to restrict access to and use of the Site;
not to modify any detail or component of the Site;
not to carry out bulk and non-requested mailing of electronic or postal communications to other Internet Users.

Rental fees

Empty or furnished flats in main residences:

Tenant: 12 € TTC / m2 (corresponds to the visits, the construction of the file and the drafting of the lease), plus 3 € TTC / m2 (writing of the inventory).

Lessor: 8% TTC (including visits, file preparation and drafting of the lease, negotiation and negotiation, drafting of the inventory).

Rentals in second homes or lease company:

Tenant: 8% TTC of annual rent without Charges.
Lessor: 8% TTC of annual rent without Charges.

Tenant: 10% TTC of annual rent including Charges.
Lessor: 4% TTC of annual rent including Charges.